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The Welsh Dungeon

The Welsh dungeon is a place of pain and pleasure.

As soon as you wlak in the atmosphere and ambiance will grab you, the outside world is a long forgotten place.

it is the home of mistress Poshtotti and Mistress Cyan with regular visiting mistress's from throughout the UK


Based in Haverfordwest, Pembrokeshire our beautifully equipped dungeon has all we need for your total submission, pain and humiliation


The Dungeon is home to Mistress Poshtotti, Mistress Cyan and T/S Mistress Violet .


From the moment you set foot through the door, you will be immersed by the imposing, dungeon atmosphere. Our attention to detail will cater for every submissive dark desire in the most impressive way possible.


The St Andrews Cross and the Mistresses’ Throne – no expense has been spared to create a captivating, alluring, and "dark"dungeon.


The exquisite "smother" box for the watersports enthusiast is particularly popular. We of course, have a wide selection of canes, whips, straps and tawses for both the experienced and the complete novice. We cater for all,  you are in very demanding, harsh, but safe hands.


The outside world will not only be forgotten, but taken away completely, as we take control of your mind, body and senses.