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SCW Chris

Yorkshire Studio Based Glamour & Fetish Photographer

Hello, I am Chris and I am the co-owner of SCW Studio in South Yorkshire. I am also a Professional Photographer, Videographer and content Producer. 

I have been a glamour and fetish photographer for some years and have access to my own studio complete with dungeon. I currently shoot with Mirrorless Sony A7R 4 and Sony A7Alpha cameras. 

I am available for Glamour or Fetish photography for payment and I am also offering work on Part Pay/Content Share basis for new projects which will need release forms signing.

I am a professional photographer, videographer and editor. I have done and still do run several Glamour photography sites, producing content for upload or for 3rd party sites. 

The studio is now open for 1 on 1 sessions, looking forward to hearing from models for content shoots.

Check out the website

Thank you